What are the Ill-Effects of Vastu Dosh ?

Vastu Dosh is a flaw or deficiency in a man made structure. These deficiencies are attributed on the qualities endowed as per the Panch Maha Bhutas.


much and prolonged illness in the house

habitants are not happy even though the circumstances are good

problem in child bearing

despite great efforts and hard work habitants are left without money

restlessness and worry

frequent quarrels in the house

parents have problems with their children

quarrels and problems in married life and other relationships

business difficulties

premature deaths and accidents

re-occurance of fire and other accidents

business dispute

legal problems from Govt.

no good ceremony in the house

labour unrest

not getting better business deals

Let us consider the effect of each direction and how it effects us direction wise. 

It is summarised for common reading and not to be treated as final because a combination of these defects may relate to a newer one.

Effects of Northeast defects:

1. Family Dispute 2. Business Dispute 3. Divorce 4. Childern behavior 5. Freqent Surgery 6. Accidents 7. Too much expenditure 8. Uncurable diseases 9. Blockage of funds 10. Legal Disputes 11. Rejection of business orders.

Effects of Southwest defects:

1. Delay in marriage 2. Too much expenditure 3. Bad habits 4. Theft of money 5. No respect 6. Bad martial relationship  7. No promotion 8. Cheated by people.

Effects of South east defects:

1. Fear of theft  2. Fear of fire 3. Bad health 4. No good ceremony in the house 5. Bad relation between husband and wife 6. No piece of mind.

Effects of North West defects:

1. Enmity 2. Legal Issues 3. Legal problems from Govt. 4. Friends and relatives go away 5. Divorce

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Remember! Ignorance Of Vastu Is Not An Excuse.

Every structure - whether it is a building or anything - has its own subtle energy. Vastu is the science of working with these fields of energy, guiding us to arrange structures so that their underlying energy fields are beneficially manipulated according to proportion and direction.


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