Vastu Consultation Fees in Kolkata

Vastu Consultation Fees in Kolkata. Varies upon the size and nature of Vastu Job.  
ubject to availability.  


*Please be informed that getting 'vastu' recommendations  without physically visiting the site is similar to asking a blind man for directions.

* We do not encourage Online Vastu Consultation but can be implemented on the expert feedback and sole discreation of the client in providing the correct projections and visuals. Site visit is no doubt a time consuming and expensive issue hence one can opt for Online Vaastu Suggestions if required.
* We advise proper selection of Flats, Apartment, Land before finalisation and Industrial/Commercial Vastu Planning. Vastu-interior and Colour applications.
* We do not provide Astrological & other Occult services nor are involved in trading in other related products.
* We do not perform any Pujas', Homas' etc.

* Consultation fees is payable in advance after discussion and confirmed there after:

    Payment details-

    Name: Subir Kumar Datta
    C.A. A/c. No. :133010200006019
    IFS Code : UTIB 0000133

Please make payment by cash/draft/transfer etc. after consultation and email the details to us or else it will be liable to be forfieted.

 Service Tax will be applicable apart from our fees as per the latest Govt. guiedlines.

When we are at your site .....

After going through the layout and the full amount cleared, we will visit your place and try to submit the report within fourteen days.

Please co-operate there with us for better results.

Do switch off or keep all communicational device in silent mode.

Keep some stationary ready for noting down the changes.

Do keep a few chairs and drinking water in the new sites.

Adult member should be present.

Date of Birth may be needed for Color choice.

In any Industrial site the person having intrinsic knowledge should accompany us.

Feel free to discuss all the problems in a calm mood.

Do keep pets and other disturbing elements away and even halt any ongoing work at the site (indo or) during the survey.

 +91 9432-334-735

: Subbir Kumar Datta hereby, excludes any warranty, express or implied about the accuracy or quality regarding any of the projected contents, calculations, suggestions, advises etc. Vastu Shastra cannot be directly linked with prosperity etc. It only suggests ways in which one can live in tune with the laws of nature, so that you can be healthy and peaceful and work efficiently. We hereby declare that no one is authorised to impart any type of schools nor collect and execute Vastu corrections on our behalf unless and untll otherwise intimated in writing. Litigation if any subject to Kanpur Jurisdiction.