Vastu For Your Marriage Happiness ~ Vastu Bedroom For Couples

A happy marriage is a cocktail of open communication, honesty, hard work, and a whole lotta love.

Will Vastu Shastra be your saviour during the Pandemic?

"Marriages are made in heaven" but failed to bring heavenly joy to many modern couples.

In this fast age relationships have become complex. Mutual understanding is the major problem which modern couples are facing in these days.

Break ups have become so common and the divorce rate has been increasing tremendously.
                                             What are the reasons for divorce?

                                            Why relationships are falling apart?

                                           What is the base cause behind this ?


Ideal Design of a Bedroom According to Vastu:
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Let the bed be aligned along the Southern and or Western wall. Sleep with
head towards south.

If the house is having street focus in E/S-E, that may also be a reason for divorce

Have cupboards only along the South or West walls in the room.

Any cutoff in the N/W and or N/E.

Mirrors / Dressing table are to be located along the North or East walls.

Have the walls or the room painted in light shades.

Avoid windows along South or West walls. If there is, make sure it is hanged with heavy curtains.

Bed room door opens in the E-S/E

Most important for the bed room is it must only have 4 corners at 90 degrees as the energies circulating the room is better.

Feeling uncomfortable with the mirror in the bed room, hang a light cloth over it during night or at bedtime.

Street focus on N/N-W. (Not advisable but can be rectified)

Avoid bed facing opposite the room door as it degrades the health of the individual.

Avoid television in a room.

If there is a study table, face East or North.

The married couple may consider hanging the wedding pictures only along the North or East walls.

The floor level can be the same as the other floor level.

Never have Southwest room floor level lower than the other rooms.

Avoid having bathrooms along the Southwest zone alongside the bedroom.

Couples using Southeast bedroom may lead to conflicts.


Top Causes of Divorce In Modern Days.

 1. Monetary
 2. Communication Breakdown
 3. Physical, Emotional or Psychological Abuse
 4. Marital Financial Issues (unequal monetary status)
 5. Sexual Incompatibility
 6. Boredom
 7. Religious and Cultural Strains
 8. Child Rearing
 9. Addiction
10. Differences in Expectations and Priorities
11. Ego between partners
12. No discussion
13  Stress
14. Not satisfied with each other
15. Don't trust on each other
16. Abnormal behavior
17. Extra-marital affair
18. Dented egos
19. Infidelity
20. Don't trust on each other
21. Child bearing
Insights on how married couples enjoy having great SEX! 
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The location of your bedroom and the house does influence your sex life. How?

A bedroom to the South or South-West provides stability in a marital relationship. A couple occupying this bedroom enjoys long-term physical attraction towards each other. The occupants always remain in control in all spheres of life.

South- East, is associated with the fire element and brings fiery passions to the fore. This direction assures an active life but, can also make you short tempered, leading to frequent arguments with your spouse. Don’t ever make it a permanent bedroom. So a room in the southeast is good for only sexual activity.

So a room in the south-east is good for only sexual activity.

A bedroom to the North and North-East is ideal for young couples. Sex in this direction is not only satisfying, but also most enjoyable and lasting.

A newly married couple can enjoy great sex in the North-West bedroom. Though, this bedroom position is not recommended for longer periods. ·

A bedroom in the West is the perfect place for a satisfying married love life like the South bedroom.

Nowadays, the divorce rates is increasing rapidly due to the fast life style and Vastu defect house. Practical changes can be done to heal married couples.

The above few simple tips can improve any marriage and heal broken marriages.

Utilize these principles and reap the benefits of Vastu.

The culprit behind such divorces may be Vastu which plays an important role in martial life.

Flats and houses constructed these days are complete with modern amenities but are of irregular shape. These types of houses have many architectural defects. If these defects are in the igneous level or northwest angle then it affects married life.

Due to these Vastu defects so many disputes crop up that it leads to divorce and dissolves this valuable bond and is increasingly cut short by divorce.

REMEMBER: Many marriages are being severely tested, due to the Covid-19 crisis, and the fact that couples are being forced to spend all their time in close proximity of each other.
Sociologists are already predicting a spike in divorce rates as another fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. 


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