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Remember! Ignorance of Vastu is not an excuse.

Property in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida is a much sought after real estate investment option for those seeking residence as well as investors. Over the past few years there has been major growth in the development of real estate property in Kolkata and other places with developers of property in coming up with a wide range of housing projects including villas, apartments these places.

Earlier, air and light were the major factors while buying a house. Vaastu experts were not part of the decision in the early 1980s to the masses.

Over the years, there has been a clear cut demand for Vastu compliant properties, earlier people did not have many options due to unawarness.

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Vastu is a Sanskrit word meaning "the science of architectures." It is a traditional theory of architecture that guides the design and construction of buildings in harmony with the natural laws of the universe. 

As Einstein proved, everything in existence - sentient and non-sentient, is ultimately a field of energy. Vastu is the pure, subtle energy that underlies everything, while vastu is the manifestation or expression of that energy as matter.

Every structure - whether it is a building or anything - has its own subtle energy. Vaastu is the science of working with these fields of energy, guiding us to arrange structures so that their underlying energy fields are beneficially manipulated according to proportion and direction.

Vastu Shastra is the spiritual, scientific design system from India's Vedic tradition. Vastu creates the peace and stability we need for greater success and joy in life and is perfect for conscious lifestyles in alignment with nature in this fast moving life.

The science of vastu is a meaningful dialogue between mind and nature, enabling us to better understand the energy fields of various objects around us as well as those of invisible cosmic bodies that affect our minds and bodies, influencing our lives directly and indirectly.

Real estate agency owners are concerned because people have different demands and requirements as per the guidelines of their Vastu Consultants. Many good flats remain unsold due to the so called vastu dosh and most of such flats come up for resale by the owner.

Vastu as a science in not focused on remedies but there are fever chances to get a mis-built flat fix according to Vastu.

Remedy for flats is not usually possible. Vastu Dosh means defects of a paranormal nature present in a dwelling place, house, commercial building or any other type of construction.  It would take detailed examination and extensive remodeling most likely. It is very difficult to apply Vastu principle to an existing flat. Analysis of a flat requires expert and careful consultation before finalisation.

kolkata vastu tips

Going to buy a flat/ apartment / bunglow or land on your own for residential or commercial use. Do go through some of the
TIPS before finalisation of the deal.

Flat must be of regular shape such as rectangular or square.

While selecting flat check properly that every room has four corners or walls.

There should be more openness in North/East sides as compared to South/West sides. S and W balconies to be avaoided. (Northern and/or on the Eastern sides which are auspicious.)

The kitchen should never fall in Northeast side. Ideal place is southeast. The cook should face east while cooking.

The master bedrooms should be in the southwest corner of the house. The position of the bed should be in such a way that one sleep with head towards South and not North under any circumstances.

The drawing room should be in northwest, east side of the apartment.

Guest room can be accomodated in the north-western part of the entire apartment.

The bathroom should be constructed in the west or south direction.

Worshiping room is prefered in the Northeast part of the house or that place be kept clean and clear of any heavy weights.

Keep an eye that there are no pillars constructed in the brahm sthal.

The store room should not be in the N/E or S/E of the apartment.

Choose a flat/apartment having entrance in North, East, Northern north-west or Southern south/east . Avoid main door in Southern south/west, Western south/west and Northern north/west

Avoid purchasing flats with cuts in North-east or South-east direction.

Check out the North-east corner of flat as this portion must be left with no garbage or weight or left open.

Toilets and bathrooms in the flat must be built in the south-west or in south directions.

# Please do check the direction with a magnetic compass and not rely as provided in the layout and not with any electronic device. 

NOTE:Like everything in the universe, our bodies are also made of the five basic elements and possess energies that are constantly communicating with the energies present in our immediate environment.

NEED A NON-BELIEVER OF VASTU go for Vastu compliant flats, house, land or an apartment needs to be considered?

For the non believers, you need to buy or build your house according to the norms of vastu shastra, otherwise at the time of disposing off the property at a later time, one won’t find good buyers and may fetch much lower price than the prevailing market value which is not the case with a Vastu compliant one, which will command a premium and ready buyers. 

Why This Note ?The Truth About Real Estate Investing: What The Seller Don't Want You to Know

Nowadays, the latest trend is to carry a bunch of pseudo gadgets which the practioner claim that they are scientific equipment and hence would detect the non existent problems and rather generate them.
The client who is mesmerised by the gadgets and the show put up by the practitioner is taken for a long long ride.
Builders are however very Happy with these practitioners as they profess to rectify virtually any problem without any  changes at all.

The builder gets to market his lousy product too by saying it is Vastu compliant.  Without making any changes but by simply burying some good for nothing energy systems.

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