Vastu Tips For Kitchen

kitchen is one of the important part in your apartment to bring positivity, fortune, health and all round happiness in the family and it even helps in balancing other distorted energy fields in the house.

Don't ever think that kitchen is just for preparing and serving food. Vastu wise, the kitchen is considered to be one of  the most powerful element - FIRE sybolising "Lord Agni" and it's place is in the S/E part of the entire house.

Kitchen placement as per Vastu Shastra has a special significance for all round properity to the occupants.

Kitchen Location:The best direction for kitchen recommendation as per Vastu is south-east direction. The second best option is north-west part of the house. East facing while cooking is considered an excellent location for kitchen because this area brings prosperity in a S/E kitchen simulteneously facing west in the N/W kitchen is recommended.

According to ancient scriptures, vastu if applied on the kitchen brings good health and happiness to the family members. So, here are few vastu home tips for setting up the kitchen the right way.

The kitchen should be located on the South-east corner of the house. Even, northwest corner can be considered.

Always face east in a S/E kitchen for N/W facing west is recommended .

Always keep the gas stove a few inches away from the wall.

Place the refrigerator, conventional ovens, microwaves and ovens and other such kitchen equipments in the South, East or West direction.

Your store racks where you keep pulses, grains etc must be on the west or south walls.

Water filter, bottles and kitchen sink should be kept in the northeast corner of the kitchen.

Windows and exhaust fan can be on the east direction.

There should be an ample use of the colour green or white in your kitchen.

Color Scheme for Kitchen:
Color plays vital role in enhancing mood and stimulating minds according to Vastu. Use plenty of Green and Pink and Whites but avoid Blue in your kitchen.

South-east helps in balancing energy, so don't ever try to go against it.

## This is valid where LPG is used and not for other cooking appliances

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