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astu planning in industry can play an extremely important role in the smooth running. In an industrial environment, the human potential is exploited to its maximum in multi-disciplinary activities and is not struck to one single function only.

Vastu Shastra and Meditation has become the new additions in CSR (Corporate social responsibility) of the Corporates for the interest of the Company and the well being of their employees in India and abroad due to the benefits derived from it.

Application of Vastu in Industrial planning can eliminate a number of severe problems in a factory. A sensible and intelligent application of Vastu design principles can cut breakdowns, improve productivity and enhance efficiency thus a major gain to the company and it's employees.
Negative arrangement in a factory can cause severe problems in the normal functioning of an Industry, the disequilibrium is the results in mechanical problems, breakdowns, loss of production, severe financial problems, labour troubles, fire, burglary, litigations, penalties, personal and family problems, accidents, insolvency and even loss of life to name a few.

One merely needs to have a glance at the figures of sick industries to see how much of time, money and effort is wasted every year.

It is surprising to note that while the main factors of production viz., land, labour, capital and organisation are common for all the factories, their individual performance and financial results differ drastically form each other. Certain industries turn out lot of production and run profitably without any Industrial relations problems while other may suffer set-backs from different angles.

Undesirable land topography, faulty placement of machinery, incorrect planning and layout of the factory are the factors that can spell disaster. The acumen of the managers and their managerial ability is beyond doubt and deserves a healthy respect, but it is a matter of observation that all sick industries have serious Vastu faults.


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