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Why one should not sleep with the head toward North?

Flow of magnetic field from North is more compared to South.  Head towards South is better because North axis will receive magnetic field from the feet resulting in proper blood circulation, due to the presence of iron in the blood.
As per Vedas, head is put towards North only after death, however we can put our head towards east,west and south but not in North.

* Are astrology and vastu interlinked?
  Is it required to analyse the Horoscope to get rid of the problems?
  Is astrology helpful to provide solutions?

Astrology and vastu are different subjects having their own importance and use. Analysis of the horoscope is not required to get benefits from vastu. Many astrologers will tell you to perform graha-shanti puja, yantra etc. to overcome the troubles and even interlink the relationship of vastu as the younger sister of astrology. But I do not feel it to be very helpful. Your date of birth and Nakshatra are not required to get benefit from vastu and to live a happy and prosperous life.

So, it's better not to club both the science for the sake of vastu.

* Why North is considered to be best direction for facing while studying or working?

When you are facing the North, the magnetic field of the earth hits your face and charges you up resulting in sharp memory and increase in grasping power. Facing East is good for minor students.

* Why South West room is considered to be a powerful room?

The positive energy received through northeast corner gets stored in south west area. The more you are away from northeast corner, more you will find peace & comfort. Southwest area denotes earth element, which gives more stability and is best suited for master bed room.

* Can Vaastu defect can be corrected by performing pooja, yogas etc.?
Vastu as a science is related to Geo energies, so performing pooja, homas' etc. will be a waste of time and money.
Further the defective portion of the house produce negative energy which is harmful to the people living in that house, however the Pyramids and furniture placements can very well balance the negative energies and may help upto some extent.

Why North East corner of the house is so auspicious? Why should we keep it open?

North East corner of a structure receives positive energy. During early morning when the sun is at its maximum distance from the earth, only infrared rays are able to reach the earth, which are beneficial for the human body. Hence Northeast portion of the house should be such that it should receive beneficial infrared rays.

* What are the factors on which Vaastu is based?
Vastu is a combination to Bio energy force, gravitational force, magnetic field of earth, solar energy, velocity of wind and cosmic radiation's.

* Are all remedies an integral part of Vastu?

No, remedies were ever written in any of the Vedas. Pyramids, mirrors, placement etc. are used to help in improving the environment.

* Is the shape of the flat or plot important in Vastu?
Yes, infact it is the first important thing to be considered while choosing a flat or plot. A square or rectangular shaped plot is taken as ideal in Vaastu. Any other shape with Southwest corner at 90° angle, with Northwest and Southeast corners having more then 90° angle and Northeast corner at less then 90° angle is also considered auspicious.

* Is Vastu applicable only to Hindus?

It is a science of directions. It was written 5000 years back by ancient scholars keeping in mind that, who so ever resides in a house, will be benefited, so the question of religion does not arise.

* There is a Temple nearby.

Temples have a very powerful energy that influences their surrounding area. Sometimes the energy may be too much for peaceful household life.

* Can an Aquarium be helpful to ward off Vastu deficiencies ?

Brahmarishi Mayan, the father of Vastu Science, didn't pay too much attention to fish tanks. One thing that I can assure is that an aquarium is best suited for heart patients and can certainly help in reducing the level of stress. . 

* What to do with anti clockwise staircase in my house ?

Moving upward too frequently by the staircase may put a lot of pressure on the heart. If the staircase is upto the first floor it's okay or in the long run may damage the heart.


 Srichakra, Mahalaxmi, Kuber, Matsya Yantras' does not enrich buyer – Such a sale surely enriches the seller. So, spend not much on those yantras.

 Caste based soil check – Leads to whole turmoil.

 Doctrine of dimension – Causes tremendous confusion.

 Vastu Puja - Only time will say.

To conclude, the layout of your house is the horoscope of the whole family.


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